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Salad with black beans and rice and roasted veggies

Salad with black beans and rice and roasted veggies

are you in high school?


nooo lol

im v old don’t ask how old I am :}

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Hey :) How are you? I was wondering how following the starch solution is going? I can not imagine eating so much cooked food after eating so much fruit for so long now :P Have you noticed any difference in how you feel? Or fitness wise? Mentally? I am very curious! I am thinking at the moment about properly following 801010 and cutting out the cooked all together as i seem to often get heartburn if i drink even a sip of water after cooked :S xx


Hi :} I think I felt my absolute best when I was mostly raw and eating veggies for dinner and right now eating mostly cooked carbs. You should definitely try 100% raw I think you would love it.

I did feel kind of backed up when I first switched to starches but after my body kind of transitioned I feel really good and energetic.  I actually feel surprisingly light right after my meals. It took me at least 5 days to start to be able to tell when I’m full. Before I would be absolutely stuffed but still feel hungry. 

I am a raw veggie addict too so I don’t just eat straight up 100% starches. I usually have about 4 starch meals a day and pair it with steamed veggies or a salad and in between I snack on celery and sweet cherry tomatoes to add vitamins and help digestion. In the past months of being rt4 I kind of neglected veggies so now I’m realizing how much i missed them.

For some reason I prefer to be 100% raw or 100% cooked. I think since fruit empties out of your body so fast, I was usually starving by dinner time and I would overeat and feel really lethargic. Now, because of how dense starched are they digest a bit slower and fill you up easier, I don’t eat as much as I used to.

I guess I just eat average sized meals. Which might sound stressful or restrictive to some people but I actually feel less hung up over food. Like I feel happy and I’m not stressed over my portions anymore. I know this isn’t true for everyone but it sort of makes me feel like I’ve finally been able to come out of binge mode and I feel like all this pressure has been lifted.

This is definitely the healthiest I’ve felt, mentality wise, in a long while. Not to be all dramatic lol but I feel like I’ve found something I can really stick with and feel completely comfortable. I feel more energetic and I’ve been into moving around a lot more 

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Breakfast potatoes with grilled zucchini and sriracha

Breakfast potatoes with grilled zucchini and sriracha

these look so wild

these look so wild

Yesterday was green juice and yams and raw veggies
Today is sprouted bread, vegan cheese and soy milk
I’m gonna be more “80/20” as they say, but i don’t actually care about the percentages. Soooo tired of percentages to be honest. I have good sense, I’ll use that lol

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Saturday breakfast~ daiya grilled cheese with veggies and coffee with frothed soy milk. Vegan as h*ck

Saturday breakfast~ daiya grilled cheese with veggies and coffee with frothed soy milk. Vegan as h*ck

Do you have a whole foods grocery list? I really wanna be able to make all these healthy meals but I don't know exactly what to buy.


Whatever you want really! I need to restock a bunch of stuff so maybe I’ll write a post of what I buy but currently my staples are:

Potatoes, rice, yams (main starches) + lentils, black beans, chickpeas

We also have in the house: sprouted bread/ bagels, rice pasta and glass noodles

side veggies:

romaine, spring mix, tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, red onion, cucumber, zucchini, celery, ginger, carrots

some stuff in the freezer: peas, corn, black eyed peas, some pretty whole food oriented veggie burgers 

then some side stuff/ sauce:

teriyaki sauce, soy sauce, sriracha, wasabi, tomato sauce, nutritional yeast, soy milk or almond milk

Excluding spices, I have a lot because of curry and chili and stuff. Also I’m excluding all the vegan goodies my mom likes to buy (daiya cheese, vegan cookies, vegan pizza, chikn nuggets). 

Also, since I have all these allergic reactions I’m excluding fruit but obviously fruit would be ideal and u already know how to buy that so ya ;}

Idk if this answered your question I feel like this was a rly boring dumb answer lol


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yes. the pot in which you boiled them becomes dirty, must clean pot. then you use a tray and bake potatoes, must clean tray. also you have to cut potatoes with cutting board and knife, must clean those as well.


oooooooooh lol i feel ya

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thats a lot of work for potatoes oh my god i'm too lazy to do that :(


is it??? it’s like no work and always so easy when I do it I just boil them to make them soft and then broil them for lik 5 mins but ok lol 

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