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juiciest peach ive ever had! 😋


You're so pretty! x

yayyyyyyyyy thanks :}


i've had 3 smoothies today life is hella good and so is food. having rice foooo dinner and soup mwahaahhaa

omg im hella happy 4 u

yes gimme all ur good ~vibes~


i made a date and peach smoothie bc no ripe bananas and I thought I wouldnt like it but its so dang goooood.

Yeeeees it’s like heaven… HEAVEN! ^ - ^


please help me.. I try 801010/rawtill4 since 2 months.. But lately I don't crave fruits :( the thought of it even disgusts me :/ what's wrong with me? I only can imagine to eat/drink rice, pasta and juice.

Don’t worry this happens to me every now and then. Hmmmm I guess usually what helps is to switch to a different variety of fruit (maybe you’re just tired of the usual) so try different recipes and stuff. 

Sometimes, the more fruit I eat the more I crave. Like if I’ve been eating tons of fruit my palette get’s super clean and I crave other things less. Then I feel more than satisfied and feel all dancey and happy and like “why doesn’t everyone just eat fruit it’s like crack!” 

But I do definitely get tired of fruit and I’ll pick through it, barely eat, then eat double at dinner. You could try having cooked food for lunch + dinner until this passes. 

I think the number one reason this happens to me is low quality fruit. Maybe you bought a bad bulk of fruit and it’s not flavorful or sugary enough. If you are ok with juice, how about orange juice? 

So don’t feel bad, just keep going, it’s really nothing. Do what you gotta do and don’t stress :} You will come back to fruit when you want it.

~Sweet sriracha mushroom sushi~
• Chopped mushrooms
• Soy Sauce
• Sriracha
• Sugar
Sautée for just a few seconds. You can put it in your sushi or rice bowl.


I learned how to do my makeup even faker and bitchier :)

ok I’ve been having this peach date smoothie everyday like it’s my new fave I guess and I’m not smart enough to have more than one fave at a time

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-love broc broc